Dental Implant Healing Timeline: What to Expect

A dental implant procedure is not the last step to getting back your smile after a tooth loss; you have the healing process waiting. Most of our patients at North Billerica Smiles are surprised at how simple we make our dental implant procedures. The healing process is also characterized by minimal discomfort thanks to the detailed preparation of our dentists and technological advancements. Here's what to expect after undergoing dental implant surgery.

Immediately After the Procedure

You may feel some slight pain and discomfort right after the surgery. In this situation, your dentist will apply more sedation to ease the pain. They will also place a gauze pack over the implant site to prevent further bleeding. You will be instructed to bite down on the gauze pack to ensure the blood clots properly. Typically, the bleeding will stop completely within 2 hours, though it can take longer for some people.

Once the anesthesia and sedation wear off, you might feel some discomfort. Your dentist will have prescribed medication to help relieve pain and prevent infections. In case the discomfort persists, you can use over-the-counter painkillers such as Ibuprofen. Also, try placing an ice pack around the implant site to minimize inflammation.

3-7 Days After the Procedure

It is normal for dental implants to cause inflammation and pain. Typically, most of these symptoms max out three days after the procedure and then reside. You should, therefore, contact your dentist if your implant is still swollen or bleeding after three days. You should also avoid any strenuous activities and eat soft foods like yogurt and pudding during this time.

After three days of rinsing with saltwater or a recommended mouthwash, you can start eating semi-solid foods like noodles, fries, and rice. However, despite the temptation, avoid any hard or crunchy foods like crackers or toast for at least one week post-surgery. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can only do some moderate exercises five days after getting your dental implant.

14 Days After the Procedure

Two weeks after the implant procedure, your mouth will have significantly healed. Your dentist will remove the stitches from the implant and schedule some clinical visits for checkups. The specialist will evaluate the healing process and answer any queries you might have. At this time, you can eat any food without dietary restrictions.

It is usual for the implant site to feel tender and a bit swollen when touched. Over the next 5-7 months, the implant will continue to heal until it ultimately bonds with your jaw bone.

Interested in Getting a Dental Implant? We can Help

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