Restorative Dentistry In Billerica

Repair Your Smile

Billerica Restorative Dentistry

Whether you have a small oral issue like a cavity or more extensive damage, the team at North Billerica Smiles is here to help with compassionate care. We specialize in restorative dentistry, and we’re always here to get you back to optimal dental health. Call us at (978) 262-0023 to schedule a consultation with our dental team and see which treatments may be necessary to restore your smile, your confidence, and your oral health.

Fight Against Cavities

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We exclusively offer tooth-colored fillings at North Billerica Smiles. These fillings can be matched to the color of your tooth, providing superior aesthetic results compared to traditional metal fillings.

In addition, the composite material used to create tooth-colored fillings bonds tightly to your tooth, creating a tight seal and ensuring a long lifespan for your new restoration. If you have a sore tooth or suspect you have a cavity, get in touch right away. The sooner you get a filling, the better! 

Restore Infected Teeth

Anterior & Posterior Root Canal Therapy

We offer both anterior (front) and posterior (rear) root canal therapy in Billerica. A root canal is required when extensive decay or dental trauma has destroyed the outer layer of your tooth. This exposes the interior “pulp,” which becomes infected and begins to die.

In a root canal, the tooth is opened up, the decayed material is removed, and the tooth is filled and sealed to restore its appearance and health. This eliminates your pain and discomfort, and keeps the tooth intact for years to come.

Restore Damaged Teeth

Lab-Made Crowns

We work with a dental lab to build natural-looking porcelain crowns in Billerica. Crowns are ideal for restoring teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or tooth infection. Crowns are also used to repair teeth that have been severely chipped, cracked, or broken due to oral trauma.

With a crown from the doctors at North Billerica Smiles, you’ll be able to restore your tooth, your bite, and your confidence.

Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are built using two crowns that attach to healthy teeth. Between these crowns, a false tooth is suspended, covering up the gap in your smile. Dental bridges are permanently attached to your teeth, so they don’t have to be removed, unlike partial dentures. They also last longer and look and feel more natural. 

Versatile Smile Restoration

Full & Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are built out of acrylic and metal, and are designed to snap onto your remaining healthy teeth. They can be used to replace one or more missing teeth, and offer fast results and a relatively long lifespan. 

Full dentures are only used to treat patients with major oral health issues. This is because they require your remaining healthy teeth to be extracted, even if they’re still healthy. Full dentures usually replace both the upper and lower arches of your teeth using an acrylic base with natural, realistic-looking teeth, allowing you to eat, chew, and speak normally even after extensive tooth loss.

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